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Research and Advisory Services

GenReal’s Research and Advisory Services (RAS) team’s ability is the intellectual foundation of GenReal team and basis for many of its long term relationships.

These services are the preamble in all the services that various teams of GenReal provide to its clients.

We strongly believe that preparing reports is not sufficient. The reports should be executable in the current market conditions. It is for this reason GenReal’s RAS team conducts advisory which is transaction focused.

The unique studies that GenReal is able to carry out due to its team’s unique composition and motivation are

  • Market benchmarking for office space expansion/ consolidation
  • Supply gap analysis in the residential micro markets
  • Negotiation strategy for disposition of assets
  • Retail revenue and rent analysis for disposition
  • Valuation of luxury hospitality and gaming assets with

GenReal’s advisory services are provided by teams brought together from the Investment Services Group or Corporate and Retail Advisory and Transaction Services team. This strategy is in response to a real estate need and/or problem specifically identified by the client.

RAS team would cover a broad range of specialized and related advisory functions, which may include

  • Preparation of detailed property specific market overviews
  • Financial and/or market analyses
  • Valuation of real estate assets
  • Hold versus sell analyses
  • Feasibility studies